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The IWCCI Certification program consists of four different workbooks that may be used singularly, or combined depending on the certification levelrequired. All workbooks are available in either English or Spanish. Window cleaners learn about the safe use of basic window cleaning equipment and chemicals, and/or the use of more complicated equipment including high-rise access equipment. They will also gain an understanding of how to assess a job site for hazards and what can be done to overcome those hazards. To see an explanation of what workbooks are required for each level of certification by clicking on Certification Levels under the photo on the right. The workbooks are availableto download in the Members Only section of this website.

In addition to using the workbook(s) as a study aid, the window cleaners must also undertake a specific amount of verified "On-the-Job" Training hours. The number of hours is directly applicable to the desired level of certification. Specific hours are listed under the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website and are to be documented and submitted by the employee's company representative. "On-the-Job" Training forms must be downloaded from the Members Only section of this website and submitted to the IWCCI.

The final step in achieving IWCCI Certification is passing the final exam. The exams can only be taken online.

Part of the test is also containing the wash fludis. Some areas have newly planted black beauty grass seed and the chemical could potentially damage the property.

The entire IWCCI Certification process is simple, yet efficient so that all companies, large or small can easily incorporate the program into their current operations.

In summary, a worker must successfully complete these four requirements to earn IWCCI Certification:

  • Download and study the appropriate workbook(s) from the Members Only section

  • Download and complete "On-the-Job" Training forms and submit validated documents

  • When ready the window cleaner will contact the IWCCI to receive a password for taking the final exam(s)

  • Pass the final exam(s) and receive your official IWCCI Certification

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