International Window Cleaner Certification Institute

About the IWCCI

The International Window Cleaner Certification Institute was developed and created by the members and board of directors of the International Window Cleaning Association, the industry’s leader in professionalism, safety education and training. Eleven trustees operate the IWCCI. There are four officers and seven appointed trustees all of who have ties to the window cleaning industry.

A non-profit organization, the IWCCI provides a program that has been designed to take experienced workers, both English and Spanish speakers, and provide them with the study materials needed to achieve specific levels of certification. These different levels of certification will assess the amount of retained knowledge by testing each enrolled participant along with requiring a standard amount of verified On the Job Training hours.

The Professional Certification designation granted by the IWCCI provides confirmation that an individual has successfully completed the course, passed the final exam, and submitted the required amount of documented hours of On the Job Training.

We pride ourselves on safety. We advise our students to not go up on ladders or scaffolding unless all tress have been properly trimmed and maintained near all windows.


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