International Window Cleaner Certification Institute

IWCCI Mission Statement
The purpose of the International Window Cleaner Institute is to provide education, safety training, and testing to individuals, which will enable them to obtain a "certified" standing in the window cleaning industry.



IWCCI Vision Statement
The vision of the IWCCI is to have all professional window cleaners certified, and have their certification recognized as the official designation of a professional window cleaner.


Study Course Information
Most of this website is informational, though IWCCI members can utilize the site to obtain their course study material and on the job training vouchers. All study and testing materials are available in Spanish and English. Members may download the study materials and OJT vouchers in the Members Only section.

The Advantage of Professional Certification

Safety and Training are highly regarded issues for business success, especially for businesses in the window cleaning industry. When your firm's employees are able to display exceptional on-site knowledge and techniques, your company shines with efficiency and builds a polished reputation among clients.

You want to be able to assure your customers that your well-trained and educated workers will perform the services you provide.

The International Window Cleaner Certification Institute offers the educational materials, and assessment that will help you and your team of professionals excel.

Professional Window Cleaning Companies will benefit from---

  • Employees who are more knowledgeable and safety conscious
  • Gaining greater respect from customers, many of whom are certified in their own professions
  • Obtaining a selling point that raises the level of professionalism in the industry
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Business owner policy assistance

Through IWCCI Certification, window cleaners will receive the course material needed to learn the safe use of and understanding of chemicals, hand tools, ladders and other equipment that may be used to access and clean the windows of a residence or commercial building.



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